Armed Assault on SimHQ "FUNTASTIC FRIDAY"

Had a great night today, finally some smooth action with quite a few players on the SimHQ server.

Even though things went really casual I loved the teamplay involved and the coherent *cough* strategies that were produced.

Infamous quotes :

"Don't drink and game, that's my new slogo" (sic)

"Be advised !"

More info and pictures inside !

Let the pictures speak for themselves.

"What did that chopper land on? It looks like a pile of dead bodies ..."

This soldier thinks he can handle the rest of Alpha team ...

... but the jeep gets in his line of sight and Brennus (?) is saved from his bullets.

Even the BMP2 crew bails when they get this firestorm from the UH-60 on their armor.

How would you react under this kind of fire ?

Brennus and Slow remotely clearing a tent camp ...

... and of course they take some return fire ...

... but Slow keeps his head low and comes out clean.

Brennus - "I can see his gun sticking out ..."
Slow - "Just shoot through the tent."

Of course his gun stuck out, there wasn't room to spare inside that tent !

A final tribute to Slow and a pun to Razorback :)