What is the EU comity doing ?

I noticed lately that the press is taking cheap shots at Google all in the name of privacy so I decided to write a little piece about that.
Most of those cheap shots are practically trying to google-bomb Google itself. Take for example this article (Dutch only) which proclaims "Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, announced ten days ago that any form of resistance against Google is futile." They also link that piece of text to another source at ft.com . Now apart from mentioning this quoted website's reputation (or their source's reputation) the practice of linking those words to an article just screams "Murder" in it's own sense, as in guilty before being trialled.

All in all I think it's just an unfair treatment that Google is getting, nothing Google has ever done has betrayed my trust. In fact I can't think of any cases where Google has entered any gray zone concerning privacy of it's users. (Except for those few people in the press who happen to think there is no black or white but only gray)

Also in the article above they come down on Google for "only" reducing their cookies life-span from expiring in 2038 to a maximum of 2 years. If you still believe cookies are the most dangerous thing on earth, I for one welcome you now to the new millennium where there are plenty of dangerous things on the internet and cookies are amongst the lowest ranking.

Another example is the current activities of the European Comity where they approved funding in Germany to companies who will try and build (better?) search engines. [1][2][3]

A valid tactic, although I cannot stop wondering why they don't take such actions against, oh say Microsoft, for example ? Although the Germans have a history of funding Open Source projects to compete with Microsoft software, this was only against a small subsection of their software namely Exchange. It seems even though the European comity isn't happy about Microsoft and it's dominant position on the desktop market, they don't seem to be able or willing to fund some serious research for an alternative on said desktop market.

End of my rant.