Enemy Territory Demo evaluation

Finally it's been released and I can't say I'm disappointed, ID and Splash Damage finally made another instant-classic.

Some first thoughts from playing with a few friends :

  • The AI is pretty smart, it's able to establish a sort of line of danger where it suspects the enemy forces to be too heavy and thus does not go across that line
  • Graphics are ok, not bad but it ain't no UT3 either. (Not that I wanted it to be UT3 cause my machine would crack under that)
  • The demo map (Valley) better be one of the smaller / shorter maps of the entire campaign
  • It would be nice to have a mod which keeps track of resources on each side, and when you run out of resources you also lose. This way you can turn off the fixed timelimit and really fight it out. (would be interesting to pursue making this myself)

Now it'll be up to the community to switch from RTCW:ET to QuakeWars:ET and get some mods / maps / campaigns out.
But first the game has to be released of course :-)
One kind of mod I do hope they will not release and that is a re-balancing mod like for example ETPro.