I've got an itch ...

Lately I've been having ever more serious thoughts about finally creating some tiny game or toy. The problem I always seem to run in to is that I don't have the stamina to write it from nil to perfection. I always get stuck perfecting some tiny little thing at the base so I never get to something that would be even remotely useful to anyone else.

Thus I'm now thinking of handling this whole thing as it were a prototype, my tools of choice ? Blender, Bullet and Python. Why ? Cause they all show a lot of potential and are already conveniently linked into Blender. Besides I've seen some extremely nice things developed in the Blender engine. ([Clubsilo Race game in Blender] [List of demos and games in blender])

Now I just need to refrain from tweaking that animation for the almost-invisible joint that is moving in some obscure part of the game prototype I'll be making.

I've already got some idea which direction I'm taking this but I welcome any other suggestions or cool ideas.