Urgent-update : Not spamming

I noticed (and my ISP will have noticed too) that this week some spammer abused my domain name to send spam. I have received about 5000 bounces in the last 3 days.

And for those who visit this site to see where the spam comes from : it's not me ! Talk to your local guru and internet provider how it can happen they receive email from my domain yet it was not sent by me.

It's called OpenSPF people, it tells you which domains an email is allowed to come from, use DNSRBL for a start, use SpamAssassin and add the fact that the mail does not comply with the SPF record to 50% of the Spam score. And voila you have instant confirmation that the mail you got is not from me.

Another clue btw is that I ALWAYS sign my emails with my GPG signature which can be found on http://pgp.mit.edu (or as I just updated it my status page) Please go bother your local guru again to learn how you can protect yourself and people around you by using proper encryption/signing techniques.