EVE-Online movie, Enemies Abound

So today I finally finished my first EVE Movie I created.

Check inside for more information.

It features me and Frodofrost completing this crazy mission called Enemies Abound (part 5 of 5).

The general idea is you have to destroy a stargate protected by some Minmatar/Gallente Navy. Now the nasty part is the gateway has tons of structure, it can take a pounding even without shield/armor.

It gets even worse, the navy keeps sending in reinforcements to deal with you should you take to long. Every 5-7 minutes or so a new wave of enemies jumps in. Totalling some 46 total with a combined dps of 3341 (as calculated from the eveinfo.com mission page)

Will edit more info in a follow post.

High Quality (102Mb)
YouTube (how low can you go :P)