Age of Conan and the long wait for DDR3

It's almost here ... almost ... almost.

After a long and painful realization (playing Age of Conan) I decided to buy a new PC.
Got it even in the week I ordered all the parts.
Only to come to the realization the mainboard is ddr3 and the memory we had ordered was ddr2. Oopsie :)
So we went back, ordered the new ddr3 memory. Waiting time : 1 week.
So now my brand new 'shiny' pc is sitting there, all assembled, no memory.

Oh the pain and agony :)
But I still have my old pc I hear you say ?
I had it, until for some mysterious reason *cough* my primary hard drive failed and I'm stuck having to reinstall everything.
Not worth it in my opinion as my new PC will be there soon enough.

I will sum up the main parts but purely out of technical reasons, not out any kind of vain or anything like that.

  • Intel Quad Q9450
  • Asus P5Q3 Mainboard
  • MSI Nvidia 9800GX2