Once upon a time...

It's been almost over a year since my last post, decided to do something about it even if it may not have much value for other people it should become a habit for me to update these pages.

First of all a bit of housekeeping: Got some users that tried to register here, forget it, registering is only for friends and people I trust.

Secondly, got a couple of comments whiched seem like valid comment only to insert some random URL, I let some of those comments stay up but edited it mercilessly if I didn't like the URL. Don't like that policy ? Though luck. It's not a democracy here :)

On a completely other note, for those who took the effort of reading this, here's the good stuff: I wanted to give a bit of a hint on a project I'm working on, involving Python, Pyglet and Twisted. Due to the scope of this project I've been keeping it under wraps a bit until I got a functional application. As it's coming along rather nicely I wanted the opportunity to vent some info on this project.


  • Role playing
  • Medieval timeframe
  • Combat
  • Multiplayer


  • Fantasy setting
  • Magic spells
  • Giant critters
  • Quests
  • Instances

It's a big project and the day job work is draining me of a bit of energy to carry on at evening but once I crack a few problems I'm having it should be running steamroller tempo again, slow but steady.

Feel free to comment, speculate and beg for more info !

Signing off,