First thoughts: Battlefield Bad Company 2

After some light persuasion by a friend of mine, decided to buy this game, here's some of my first thoughts about the gamefeel and what could need attention.


Destruction 2.0

Great fun with this, oh I wish I could go through here... FOOMP....BANG there you go a new doorway.
Taking down buildings completely is fun too, especially if that enables you to get a RUSH objective completed on the downside the building collapses seem to be to conditional. It feels like it takes a fixed amount of damage/wall destruction, the building then starts creaking and you know you have to bail out or die at that point.


While not exceptionally good in the surround department (or maybe my Razer Headseat sucks) the sounds are very informative in this game, you can hear the enemy shout orders and know what they are up to when you're close enough, for example throwing a grenade in a blind spot and hearing 'Look out grenade!' calls from that direction is very satisfying, especially if it earns you a kill or two in the next second :) Also the deafening is a very usable tactic which makes me long for flashbangs when clearing houses or defusing bombs.


Great selection of weapons, haven't gotten all of them yet but can't see how anyone could have a problem finding a favorite among so many options. I do have some questions about the relative scaling of weapon power/accuracy.


The maps look great, destruction 2.0 is enabled on all but a very few selected objects which are either key elements/chokepoints or just too damn big to be taken down. One gripe with conquest maps, they feel small, 3 points also feels a bit low, but I guess with only 32 players you can't really make more capture points without getting that 'let's run around in circles' gameplay.


Even though launch was/is a bit troublesome (timeouts, ea server down etc) I think this game has potential, judging a game by it's launch is so 2000, so I ignore this fact completely. So far the biggest gripes I have with this game are :

No prone

Pff, who needs prone, it's not like it ever saved someones live by getting down and dirty did it ?
Prone is for pussies ! Real men fight standing tall !

Class count

LMG for medics? Munition resupply for Assault classes ? Sounds like they wanted to stay at this magic number of 4 classes and shredded the valuable function of the Support class.

Medics need to be agile on the front line to resurrect people, why give them an LMG which is supposed to be providing covering fire ? Do you want medics on the front or in the back ? The gun and the paddles have contradicting mission statements.

On the other hand having a gun with spraying capabilities does come in handy from time to time to drive away the enemy team but it does leave very little time to switch to your defib paddles to revive someone or when you do the enemy can catch you with your pants down.

Assault classes with munition packs are relatively ok, I understand getting ammo to the front line is good, but isn't that why it's supposed to be hard to resupply your front troops ? Now all they have to do is just pop a pack if they think they'll be lingering for more than 10 seconds somewhere. And when you move up the troops from the back also get a resupply when they pass these packs. It's like your front is your supply line...

In short I think adding a 5th class wouldn't be critical, it would help people who are used to play this support role, they would be semi stationary but a strong deterrent to enemy forces. Ie: deploying an MG could take some time and accuracy while firing from the hip would be reduced dramatically. This way you can make the front to be a bit more defined as I currently feel there is no such thing as a front, you're always out there in nomans-land.

Max players

One of my worst fears before playing the game was that having only 32 players would make it feel too sandboxy, I find this feeling not to be overwhelming as the mapsizes are pretty accurately scaled for 32 players. It does however make me long for more Arma2 where you feel you could have the Red Army with all it's force standing right around the corner. The tradeoff is acceptable in my mind because this is not a 'regular' Battlefield release, but Battlefield 3 or whatever it turns out to be named better have 64 or more players in it again !

Signing off,