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Yet another spam wave forged from

What a great start for April, another spam wave which faked my domain.

Apologies to anyone who thinks I've sent them spam but I didn't do it.

I saw some backscatter which drew my attention though. Some domains seem to be actually reading my SPF records but still actually allow delivery of this mail even though it came from outside the allowed senders I have defined in my SPF. Go figure, you go through all the hassle of setting up an SPF checker but don't actually use the results ?

Urgent-update : Not spamming

I noticed (and my ISP will have noticed too) that this week some spammer abused my domain name to send spam. I have received about 5000 bounces in the last 3 days.

And for those who visit this site to see where the spam comes from : it's not me ! Talk to your local guru and internet provider how it can happen they receive email from my domain yet it was not sent by me.

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