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First thoughts: Battlefield Bad Company 2

After some light persuasion by a friend of mine, decided to buy this game, here's some of my first thoughts about the gamefeel and what could need attention.

Age of Conan and the long wait for DDR3

It's almost here ... almost ... almost.

After a long and painful realization (playing Age of Conan) I decided to buy a new PC.
Got it even in the week I ordered all the parts.
Only to come to the realization the mainboard is ddr3 and the memory we had ordered was ddr2. Oopsie :)
So we went back, ordered the new ddr3 memory. Waiting time : 1 week.
So now my brand new 'shiny' pc is sitting there, all assembled, no memory.

Oh the pain and agony :)
But I still have my old pc I hear you say ?

EVE-Online movie, Enemies Abound

So today I finally finished my first EVE Movie I created.

Check inside for more information.

It features me and Frodofrost completing this crazy mission called Enemies Abound (part 5 of 5).

The general idea is you have to destroy a stargate protected by some Minmatar/Gallente Navy. Now the nasty part is the gateway has tons of structure, it can take a pounding even without shield/armor.

I've got an itch ...

Lately I've been having ever more serious thoughts about finally creating some tiny game or toy. The problem I always seem to run in to is that I don't have the stamina to write it from nil to perfection. I always get stuck perfecting some tiny little thing at the base so I never get to something that would be even remotely useful to anyone else.

Enemy Territory Demo evaluation

Finally it's been released and I can't say I'm disappointed, ID and Splash Damage finally made another instant-classic.

New mirror for some funny movies

Check out this page where I put up a mirror of the TheKiller8's EVE movies

Steel Beasts Purchase and AAR#1

I took the plunge, surprisingly enough I got almost no negative reaction to my purchase of Steel Beasts Pro PE, most people seem to agree that this is the kind of game for me and even though it costs $125 (approx. 99€ for me) they say it's a good spending.

I can't disagree with them, I've had nothing but joy while playing this game/simulation, it took me 3 days just to get the tutorials done (and I have skipped a few which handled the same topic for different tanks)

Armed Assault on SimHQ "FUNTASTIC FRIDAY"

Had a great night today, finally some smooth action with quite a few players on the SimHQ server.

Even though things went really casual I loved the teamplay involved and the coherent *cough* strategies that were produced.

Infamous quotes :

"Don't drink and game, that's my new slogo" (sic)

"Be advised !"

More info and pictures inside !

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