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Steel Beasts Purchase and AAR#1

I took the plunge, surprisingly enough I got almost no negative reaction to my purchase of Steel Beasts Pro PE, most people seem to agree that this is the kind of game for me and even though it costs $125 (approx. 99€ for me) they say it's a good spending.

I can't disagree with them, I've had nothing but joy while playing this game/simulation, it took me 3 days just to get the tutorials done (and I have skipped a few which handled the same topic for different tanks)

Armed Assault on SimHQ "FUNTASTIC FRIDAY"

Had a great night today, finally some smooth action with quite a few players on the SimHQ server.

Even though things went really casual I loved the teamplay involved and the coherent *cough* strategies that were produced.

Infamous quotes :

"Don't drink and game, that's my new slogo" (sic)

"Be advised !"

More info and pictures inside !

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