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Another server migration.

In my ever-lasting endeavor to save money and find the best value for money I've stumbled upon a very fitting (and cheaper) dedicated server provider which I have already paid and the Nightwalkers Teamspeak (and Minecraft !) server has been running on this new server for the last 2 weeks with only 1 hitch : a fan apparently broke down and I was "rewarded" with a free replacement and a complementary time-limited ability to do a remote power-cycle. (Normally you'd have to pay a small fee to have this capability).

Server's up again

Good news everyone, the server's back online and serving it's ass off :)

Hope to see you guys sometime at ts3server://

Update on upgrade

Just a little heads up, server deployment has been delayed till next week.

Darn those toot'n switches !

Teamspeak server upgrade

For those people who wandered here wondering why the teamspeak server is down, I'm currently upgrading my server. It should be back hopefully Wed 24 Nov 2010 around 10pm UTC.

I'd like a moment to thank the previous hoster, as they have provided a great service for me the last 1.5 years.
I would still recommend them if their packages suit your need :

And for those interested, I'm moving to , using a "Vibit Light" server package.

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